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  • Intro

    Take a look and enjoy!

    From left: Andris - the spokesman, Kurszán - our Tarantino, Dani - the admiral

  • Our vision

    Ball Around the Globe features the journey of three Hungarian football lovers across the world, aiming to explore and share what football at different places stands for. From the most celebrated clubs, to the everyday heroes of the streets, only one thing matters…the ball.


  • Mission I

    The first mission of our adventure will take us to the two countries of the Iberian peninsula, to Spain and Portugal, where football is played in its most majestic way by the greatest talents. Starting from the Basque country, through Portugal’s main cities, reentering Spain in Andalusia again, we plan to finish our journey in Catalonia.

    Join us and follow the green line on this hand-drawn map! :)


  • What We Do

    Let's start the 10.000 km - journey together from the French border till our last stop, Catalonia...

    Ball around the Globe - No alternator, no party!

    Every beginning is difficult.

    An episode about our unexpected ordeals in a tiny French city called Lannemezan. Thanks to two guitars, a bit of poetry and our never-ending optimism, we managed to make up a funny story at the end! :)

    Ball around the Globe - San Sebastian

    First impressions from the Basque country.

    This episode will take you to the picturesque San Sebastian, where we stayed for 5 days and we entirely fell in love with this city. Could you? Have a look and decide!

    Ball around the Globe - Pamplona

    Ball around the globe a.k.a. Bull around the globe.

    What about a daily trip to Pamplona, capital of Navarre? Let's follow the route of the bulls through the historical old town of Pamplona, where the world-famous San Fermín festival is held annually.

    Ball around the Globe - Bilbao

    Like a roller-coaster...ups and downs from Bilbao.

    An epic part of our adventure was the one from Bilbao. From car robbery, through the police to the hospital. An unfortunate start, but then...wait for it. Bilbao will show off with its charm, not to mention the football culture in town.

    Ball around the Globe - Basque country

    A summary of a short love story with Basque country.

    It is never enough from the Basque culture, landscape and people. Ready to learn about Elcano, the famous traveller, play pelota a little, have a glass of Txakoli or learn about Deportivo Alaves?

    Ball around the Globe - La Coruna

    Surprise, surprise...La coruna is truly amazing.

    Arriving to the right place at the right time...exactly on San Juan's day, when the whole city is on the streets and celebrates the longest day of the year. Later on, comes Depor and it's success story from the late 90's.

    Ball around the Globe - Vigo

    Discovering Galicia and a lot of football from Vigo's streets.

    Fisterra, Ézaro waterfall, Santiago de Compostela aaand Vigo. That's the itinerary, agreed? After some spiritual and cultural load, we jump in Vigo's heroic street football derbies. Do you wanna play with? :)  

    Ball around the Globe - Porto and the silent CR7

    Porto in day and night. The longer the better they say... :)

    Time to take on our BaG hoodies and indulge in Porto's wonders...in any form. Liquid? Port wine. Art? Then contemporary. Street footy? Parque da Cidade do Porto. Club football? FC Porto. Food? Sea fruits of Bolhao market. Come along :)

    Ball around the Globe - Lisbon

    Perhaps, the most genuine BaG episode so far.

    Just like sitting on an emotional roller-coaster...tears and smiles from Lisbon. A fantastic city with much of football in it. The memory of Miklós Fehér is in focus, we try out Teqball the first time, meet Sporting ultras, and talk to a Sporting fan from Cape Verde in the Belenenses stadium.

    Ball around the Globe - Riotinto - Origins

    Tracing the origins of Spanish football in an Andalusian mine.

    BaG to the roots of Spanish football! :) Be part of our time travel in the frying pan of Europe in a rather humorous way. We seek the pioneers in Riotinto, who played soccer the first time on Spanish soil.

    Ball around the Globe - Seville I 

    Heat and tremble in Seville - An entire uncensored BaG day

    From dawn till dusk...as we perceived the gorgeous city of Seville. A unique 2-parted episode free from taboos, in which the beast Dani wakes up mad and raves at Betis camp, Andris suffers from chronic speech defects, Kurszán melts in front of Sevilla FC stadium. Nonetheless, the city totally got us. TO BE CONTINUED!

    Ball around the Globe - Seville II

    The "vlog-style" Seville day goes on...

    9,30 pm, 45 degress - the city of Seville turns vivid and fresh. The complete BaG team continues its day. Starting with a heroic match at the foot of Betis stadium, maze running in the ethereal gardens of the Alcázar, indulging in an ancient Andalusian concert and topping the day with a "good beer" BaG finds again its particular way to present Seville.

    Ball around the Globe - Madrid I

    Madrid trilogy's 1st part - Cultural encounter with the capital

    In this episode: a BaG theatrical scene from Guadarrama hills featuring Josep Sunyol's death, landmarks of Madrid, dipping the town's No.1 churros and a genuine BaG museum show, which separates us the first time since we hit the road. Meet you under El Retiro park's eldest tree :)

    Ball around the Globe - Madrid II

    Madrid trilogy's 2nd part - !Hala Madrid!

    The representation of Real Madrid, world's most iconic football club. Trophies, relics and stories - a guided stadium tour with Dani.in Bernabéu. We paid a visit to Ferenc Puskás's, the most famous Hungarian's former residence before we interviewed the president of the Hungarian Supporter Club of Real Madrid, who shared with us several of his personal stories, opinions and many others.

    Ball around the Globe - Madrid III

    Madrid trilogy's 3rd part - The city of football

    This is what we have come for, one could say. Where else could we find the best street soccer players, if not in Madrid?! Fantastic game it was! More! Atlético Madrid fans, your time has come as we arrived to your beloved Calderón stadium. The questioner: the BaG team and the respondent...Juan José Rubio, ex-striker of Atlético, who amazed us with his jaw-dropping stories. Ahh, still goosebumps :)

  • Who we are

    The BaG-team

    Hey everybody!

    We are Daniel, Kurszan and Andrew, the three masterminds of the Ball Around the Globe vlog series. Our dream was to set on an adventure, which targets to discover the magnificence of the world’s most popular sport, football.

    Having spent several years in various countries, such as Austria, Germany, USA, Italy or Spain, all 3 of us concluded that our easiest way to socialise and make friends was through putting on our football boots and looking up the nearest pitch. A commonplace saying is that “football unites people around the world”, and guys…it truly does! To experience its power personally only gave us an extra inspiration to undertake the BaG project.

    The originators of the BaG were the two brothers, Daniel and Kurszan, who teamed up with Daniel’s former flatmate from Salzburg, Andrew. As Kurszan, the younger, has started to show interest in football, Daniel slowly involved him in the local derbies of the nearest concrete pitch. Since then, ball became one of the strongest bond between them. Similarly, it was football again, that brought the two friends, Andrew and Daniel together, while both were spending their college years in Salzburg. They first met on the city’s toughest playground, the Volksgarten Cage, where their names were remembered right after the first matches. However, life has drifted them apart, yet there is something they are fully agreed even today: their passion for kicking the ball has remained as strong as ever. .

    We have never been professional football players, but we took countless lessons on the streets and if we had the opportunity, we rushed to chase the ball. However, the number of such opportunities lowered a bit as time passed by, but our enthusiasm never did. Therefore, we have decided to live our dreams and create the opportunity for ourselves, which we gladly share with you

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